Pip - A Very Special Little Caterpillar

Follow Pip, the youngest of six caterpillars as he faces some very big and very real challenges. Pip begins to learn the lessons of love never-ending, working hard and believing in himself as he faces his worries and his physical challenges head-on.   This is a tender story of the enduring love between parent and child.


Mosaic Me

Lindy Lou is a darling girl, who loves to sing, dance and play dress up, but she finds herself wondering why she looks so different.  Where did she get this crazy, red, curly hair? Why does she have freckles? Who gave her this dimple and why is her pinky crooked?

Enjoy this charming tale as Lindy begins to understand that God is the painter painting her and He has made her a perfectly put together mosaic work of art.  Is there anything better than being your own Mosaic Me?
Readers will enjoy the beautiful illustrations and timeless message this story delivers in a fun, poetic verse. (Recommended reading age: 5 and up.)