Rebecca Macri


I am both the author and the illustrator for Mosaic Me and the author and floral artist for Pip: A Very Special Little Caterpillar. I strive to write books that offer messages of hope, love, family and faith.

Mosaic Me allowed me to use my sense of humor, as well as my strong sense of family and faith to bring the message found in Mosaic Me to my readers. Laugh and share your own family legacy along the way. Mosaic Me offers us the chance to tell the children in our lives that they are unique and beautiful. So go ahead, tell them!

I am also the author of the award-winning children’s story Pip: A Very Special Caterpillar, which weaves its way skillfully and lovingly through the issues of children with special needs, the death of a parent and the vastness of a mother’s love. I recommend you read Pip: A Very Special Little Caterpillar slowly and take it all in. There is much to be taken from it and Love to be gathered, like rose petals in a basket, along the way. Hopefully, you will find value and comfort in it and reflect upon it with your children. Pip is not a children’s story of colors and numbers, it is a story of character, values and how Love shapes the world around us.

Amazing people move in and out of our lives every day, but truly special people come into our lives and then dwell in our hearts forever.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Macri