If I tallied all of the hours that I have spent in my lifetime painting, drawing, sketching and coloring, I am sure that the resulting number would shock even me.  I love to draw and paint with acrylics.  I have always been fascinated by colors and the endless combinations that exist. I am a stickler for the details and see art in everything. When I am drawing or painting, I am content.

To create the illustrations used for Mosaic Me, I used memories of my childhood self, my family and my friends to gather the details found in the character, Lindy Lou. “Everyone should be able to see a small piece of themselves in Lindy Lou.  She is a good representative of the quirky, wonderful qualities that make us stand apart from the norm and yet allow us to stand together on common ground.”  I loved working my vision out onto canvas.  It was an amazing process. The illustrations were done in water color and acrylics.
I also did the floral paintings in Pip: A Very Special Little Caterpillar.  I spent a summer drawing flowers in my parents’ garden that were special to my family.  The Night Bloomers on page 13 of the book seem to hold the most significance for me and this story.  They are specific to my family and they are a fitting analogy to Pip’s transformation.

The characters in Pip: A Very Special Little Caterpillar were drawn by Realism Artist, Bonita Feeney of Davidson, NC. Many hours were spent outlining details, and I personally love the family portrait that hangs in the hallway off of the kitchen scene, and the mass of butterflies that attend the farewell scene which, quite simply, will take your breath away.

I am thrilled to be able to share these beautiful books and my illustrations with you. I hope that you enjoy them.  You can see each of the flower paintings and some of the Mosaic Me illustrations in full color, here.  If you are interested in purchasing a print, you can contact me at becky.macri@live.com for ordering and pricing information.

If you would like to see more of Bonita Feeney’s work, you can go to BonitaFeeney@blogspot.com.

Kind Regards,

Rebecca Macri