Lindy Lou is a darling girl, who loves to sing, dance and play dress up, but she finds herself wondering why she looks so different.  Where did she get this crazy, red, curly hair? Why does she have freckles? Who gave her this dimple and why is her pinky crooked? She goes to ask her mother, then her dad and grandma, too.

Mosaic Me is a simple, fun book that came about one evening while I was watching the television.  All of the characters on TV seemed to look the same…thin, perfect, flawless… and I realized that if I were a little girl, I would be intimidated by that perceived perfection.

I started thinking about all of the things about myself that I disliked when I was young; my pointy chin, my beauty mark on my face, my freckle covered arms. I love all of those unique things now; they make me, ME.  So I created Lindy Lou. Who is Lindy Lou?   I named Lindy, the main character, after my mom and the rest of her character is a bit of me and a lot of my cousin’s daughter, a few pieces of my niece and small details of my neighbors’ daughters all rolled into one, unique and beautiful mosaic.

Mosaic Me it will make you smile and then hopefully, start a conversation in your own home.
It’s a charming tale where Lindy begins to understand, like all of us should, that God is the painter painting her and her history is her reflection. She realizes that she is a beautiful collection of pieces, each one passed on from someone in her family.  God has placed those pieces together to make her just as He wants her to be; a perfectly put together mosaic work of art.   In today’s media driven world, all young girls need to know that they are beautiful and unique; just as God intended.

Kind Regards,

Rebecca Macri